A Dream in my Dream Life

Last night I had a disturbing dream about my old office job. I will spare you the details, but I felt uneasy about it. I couldn’t decipher any real meaning from the dream so I put it out of my mind and went about my morning.

I threw on my spandex for my, much needed, yoga this morning. My body has been feeling the stress of this move, while my mind has been blissfully unaware. So, I decided to really treat my sore muscles and do a gentle yoga practice. My back protested a bit, feeling as though it was a rubber band, and that it had been stretched to it’s limit too many times. I listened to it’s cries, but knew if I moved slowly I would feel better. Sure enough, I made it to savasana/final relaxation in one piece.

As I lay in savasana, my iPad playing just the right song for the moment, my mind started to drift. My dream floated back into my mind and clarification sprung forth. My dream was there to allow me to recognize the perfection of this moment. Normally on a Monday morning, or really any weekday morning, I would be feeling the anxiety of waking up to go to a job that left me unfulfilled and dreading the eight hours that I would grudgingly distract myself through. I made the choice to walk away and pursue a fantastical dream. In an instant my heart swelled with joy and love. I felt love for myself for following my heart, love for this amazing man of mine that supported and envisioned this dream with me, love for everyone that inspired me, love for those who frightened me in their inability to go for their dream, and even love for the job that made me feel so miserable that it felt more painful to stay rather than to jump into the unknown.

Now in sharing this moment with you, tears of joy trickle down my smiling face. I feel the divine presence that resides in all of us. I know the sensation I longed for when reading The Alchemist, the sense that when you make yourself bravely give up everything to follow your dreams that the universe supports you.


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  1. Such a wonderful message to see on this gray morning: a ray of bright light from Alicia! I love hearing from like-minded people, especially ones that are following their dreams. Keep us posted …

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