Monthly Archives: April 2012

30 Days come and gone

Recapping on my bicycling goal.  I failed.  It wasn’t a complete failure, but pretty bad.  I am now biking on average 3.5 days a week.  I am definitely better off than I would have been had I not taken on the challenge.

On to my new challenge for myself:  Eating one raw meal a day.

It seems simple enough, but it means I have to actually buy groceries on a consistent basis.  As I start this blog, I am at this moment eating an apple and will soon have some red leaf lettuce and a tiny bit of organic dressing.  Although I must admit I had a pecan cinnamon roll and sugary coffee for breakfast.

I can’t wait to see how eating just one raw meal a day makes me feel.  It’s a sure way to get more veggies and fruits into my diet.

Reasons behind my decision are as follows:


Planet – a raw diet is much more sustainable

Reducing sugar cravings


My sweetest meal is always breakfast, so logically this will be my raw meal time.

The morning after starting this blog I ate a valencia orange and some organic strawberries.  I love eating fruit, the challenge is eating raw veggies.  My bike ride to work today felt great!  It might be due to the fruit for breakfast, but I think it’s a bit to early to feel the effect.  I definitely did not eat enough fruit.  I was hungry within an hour after breakfast.

One thing I know for sure is this was a better way to start out my day than with coffee and a giant muffin.